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Hubertusweg 13B, B-4730 Raeren

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0032 . 486. 12 . 62 . 12

The purpose of the CF3F de Hombourg (line 38) is to connect via Montzen (sometimes by the viaduct of Moresnet), Raeren in Welkenraedt, Herbesthal station (expo station Herbesthal), Eupen and Raeren.

Thanks to this the "Ads" big two of Belgium would be connected.

Later, he comes to create the link to Walheim (Germany thanks to the friendly contacts with our German friends club)

This can only happen only step by step. VZW can only do this type of journey than this these if auto finance.

Special trains to other destinations (friends clubs, various...) would leave or arrive in Homburg via the connection to the Infrabel in Montzen route 212, safely and in compliance with the latest laws on tourist railways or railway operators. The goal would be to pull these trains by various type of locomotives belonging to various associations, see heritage SNCB (ex: SNCB heritage, PFT, various...)

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