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CF3F - The railroad of the three borders to Hombourg

The railway club CF3F is a club which takes care of the rest of the line 38 (Angleur / Montzen) to Homburg in the province of Liège in Belgium.


Its members strive to save the legacy regional Belgian rail. Soon, we hope to circulate and Hombourg, Montzen and the network of Infrabel via our way out network via the route 212 in Montzen. As a result, it would be possible to link the two "RAVel" (Vennbahn and A38) by Montzen Welkenraedt, Herbesthal, Eupen, Raeren.


This, through a beautiful rural landscape of this great region of the country Herves and DG (Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft).

To do this, the ASBL CF3F looking for members, active or not, and sponsors to support the project.


Indeed, to restore the material on-site, bequeathed by Sir Walter Ley, the Association CF3F and the 3.5 km of line, it will take money and volunteers. All this to show to the public a small museum dedicated to ancient crafts of the railroad, material which to circulating in this region and show the area from a different tourism in our time!


It all started one day in September 2014 when the CF3F to appealed to a service of the Museum of transport in trusts Cork for the delivery and return of participants in the festivities of the CF3F, in the beautiful region of the three borders.


During the journey, our Jean-Marie president exchanged a few words with the driver of the bus in which he was, it soon became clear that they both had an interest in public transport, extending to buses and particularly to this jewel of the Belgian industry is BROSSEL firm which has provided so many vehicles to the SNCV (the sweet sin of our driver) and the various Belgian and foreign transport companies;


Privileged contacts between these two people, Exchange contacts and photos and emails followed and so Jean-Marie found out what was our friendly driver!


Two Brossels buses are directly saved in Flanders to redo a new.


Our brave driver is a bus enthusiast and is part of a group of friends sharing the same enthusiasm for buses. When the bus station of Liège place Xavier Neujean was on duty, she was our meeting point!


Our president to so learned that this group had recently acquired a bus urban type Renault R 312 and who could be great for future activities of the CF3F in a way that made finance for redo of other buses and old railway equipment.


This began in 2014, projected in 2015, developed in 2016 and now happen in 2017!

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