the Team

The CF3F and its young members and

their president Cormann Jean-Marie

We present you our team of young volunteers, the youngest is 16 years old and the oldest 26, we are pleased to have the most big team of young volunteers in Belgium in the world of the railway, and still hope to expand our team. Much younger members present themselves to us, so we are looking to make a group of youth of the railway.

The railroad always passionate human masses of today, as well as young people, because this hobby offers many possibilities.

Come join us, we accept all languages and nationalities, because the union and good humor are our motto!

Of course our Asbl also has older members, currently the Association has not less than 103 members. Of course all are not active on the ground, but support assets and the idea of the rescue of the railway heritage by their annual fee (it is used in the CF3F to reward the work of active members)

Some members also come from abroad and have never even been to Hombourg, thanks to them for their support to the cause of rail.

Please support with your cottisation of 40 Euros, our team and our work for the heritage of the railroad

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