History of the Homburg CF3F


Creation of the railroad of the three borders on 24/06/2009 by a dozen people wanting to save the material of Walter Ley and his idea of a museum to Hombourg station as well as saving the rest of the line 38 to Homburg.


In the past, the end of the 1980s in 2009, in the idyllic corner of the 3 borders near Aachen, a friend of the railway trying to turn Hombourg station into a museum. This gentleman is called Walter Ley. He devoted his life to the railroad of the past to save a maximum of things successfully. Indeed, in 1986, he bought the station to the Sncb, it does not skimp on the means and renews the infrastructure of the station in the 1990s, at his own expense and redid part of 1500 meters from line 38 off Hombourg station which was yet to be converted to RAVel. To do this, he receives assistance from retirees of the SNCB or to active volunteers. They will make available all their knowledge and instances tourist regionnales will recognize the project!


They see in the project an important for the municipality and the region tourism input.

It's so in 1997 the project with Mr. Ley takes shape. After the line, the beautiful station is being upgraded it also. At the same time, the great ancestral marquise will be re-created identical to the one placed in the 1800s based on original plans given by the Sncb. This marquise had been destroyed in 1914.

But everything turns to tragedy. Collaboration with the SNCB, the commune and the friends of the rail as well as Mr Ley no longer works due to the stubborn attitude of it and the latest developments of the folder to the Sncb, it comes to the trial with Mr. Ley, for years which blocks the file RAVel and the Railroad Museum. In addition, Mr. Ley meet ruined by elements of life which he is not responsible. The Homburg line is saturated with various materials and two-lane Station Montzen are rempliesde cars as well as two other tracks to Station Montzen customs warehouses also. In all, about 125 cars and machines or various materials will be inventoried.


The resumption of the Presidency by JEAN Marie Cormann, sites have to a cemetery and an abandoned train station or the trees grow and nature takes its course on the line and the surrounding area.

Therefore, at the request of Mr Didier block of ADL of Plombières Jean Marie Cormann is called to the Presidency of the CF3F. This account then again + / _ 8 members including 3 assets. All had tried to do something between 2009 and 2013, no result except a partial field rental with the SNCB organized by a defender on the line, Mr Albert Stassen, who oversees the Association since its inception.

Jean Marie Cormann will therefore first look at what is happening elsewhere, in other clubs of ferropates, in Belgium, in France, in Germany, the Netherlands and even in the United States and in England. Based on these data, he imagines its project to save the tourist contribution. He decided to follow a different path in order to realize the project of infrastructure on the ground. He bought a crane rail road, rode the track and station, sends a useless part of the cars to pay because recovery of file VZW to 10,000 Euros in various debts to case-sensitive and no structure administrative!


He returned to negotiating with stakeholders of the case puts, SPW, SNCB, Infrabel, the political

Known in the press and on faceboock CF3F.

Buy a valid locomotive, ect...

In 2014 the Asbl is ready for the challenge launched on 3 August for the feast of the Lachet tunnel and rolled a train to simulate the entry of the German army in Belgium in 1914. Security is provided by 10 of the younger members who have joined the CF3F.

September 2014, heritage celebrations will be a success there with several events organized by the CF3F.


A second rental contract is signed with the Sncb (the rear of the station is to the CF3F)

The CF3F, long term, on the site of Homburg, aims to rehabilitate it and again a station of the beginning of the 1900s as on the famous paintings of the painter Paul Delvaux.

All the material to beautify the site is stored in the cars. These will be redone over time one after the other.


The CF3F thank Mr Walter Ley for the confidence and the availability of all material that represents the stock in trade of the Asbl (value estimated on-site and proved by invoice purchase on FB 600.000Euros) and heritage of Hombourg station. Mr. Ley withdrew from the Organization and leaves room for young people. There is focus soon again travels through France rail as in the past to admire the things that heat up his heart to ferrophate.

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