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Create an association of railway heritage in the Province of Liège is not the result of a fad of passionate collectors. This is based on a thorough knowledge of railway history, which is closely related to the country of Liège. If the Belgium had not engaged in its struggle for independence and the establishment of its young Kingdom, there are chances that the first line of railroad in the world wouldn't have been well "Liège" but British between Liverpool and Manchester with the pro Jet of John Cockerill (whose factories were in Seraing) to establish a line, from 1829, between.

Brussels and Antwerp. And Liège railway references are still linked to Cockerill, with the Plan of Incline, between Liège-Guillemins and Cork-height (years), which by a clever system of cables operated by steam engines allowed to defeat 55 m elevation on 1850, Mr. a world feat in 1842. Cockerill again with the first "Belgian" loco, and locomotives of legend as the "12" out in a straight line of comics and workshops of Seraing. But there is not that Cockerill, there are obviously Georges Nagelmackers (1845-1905) which, since Beveller, thrived on the world with the international company of Wagons-Lits, which the myth does not falter.

Sans évoquer le fait que les différentes associations de patrimoine ferroviaire sont bien implantées dans tout le pays sauf à l’Est, implanter un centre d’histoire du rail en Pays de Liège et plus particulièrement à Hombourg trouve tout son sens dans le rôle des cheminots dans les deux guerres. Si Hombourg a été le théâtre des actes héroïques des agents du rail pour empêcher l’avancée de l’ennemi en 1914, la zone frontalière est en elle-même symbole aujourd’hui de paix. Le Chemin de Fer des Trois Frontières est le témoin de ces multiples lignes qui reliaient les peuples.

Connect people, connect generations, people.At a time where we build more walls that bridges, the railroad of the three borders wants, by a remarkable project of citizenship, in which are the values of the historical popularization of intelligent friendly tourism, of the transfer of skills and social training, put the passion of its members at the service of the community. The rails are laid.

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